5 Things You Must Know About Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs)

Do you ever feel tired, over-stressed and irritable, but can’t put your finger on why? Or if you feel exhausted despite the fact that nothing about your life is out of the ordinary, I have great news: you’re about to discover what might actually be causing these mysterious symptom, and even better – what you can do about it.

You see, everything that uses electricity produces harmful EMFs – and when you consider how often you’re around electrical devices (your cell phone, computer, television, smart meter, refrigerator … the list goes on and on), you can see how you’re exposed to them on a fairly constant basis.

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      • How our social behavior has changed, and how these changes can affect your health on a minute-by-minute basis.
      • The potential risks associated with some of your normal, daily activities.
      • 10 suggestions for protecting yourself from harmful EMFs.
      • Additional ways to safeguard yourself from EMFs (you can’t always avoid exposure to them, but you can take proactive steps to minimize their effects).
      • And much more

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