The Unity New Dimension Personal Energy Harmonizer, 24K gold plated, seems to give the best 5G protection by helping to manage incoming frequencies. We found that it is similar to orgone energy. This 5G protection Personal Harmonizer was created to give us the most overall support. This is because it seems to balance the vertical energy that creates the chakras. It may also transmute the 5G energy to a certain degree. It does this by shifting the 5G energy into usable energy of Mother Earth. Additionally, as we have learned, 5G is a 24/7 energy which creates an isolation from the Earth and our physical bodies.

This Unity Personal Harmonizer may also help protect you against picking up energies from other people. It could help strengthen your personal bio-field. It may also bring positivity to you and people in your vicinity. People have also said they feel their level of consciousness lifted as well as those around them. Use the adjustable cord to place the Harmonizer against your different chakras to help balance them.

This New Dimension Personal Harmonizer was created to be functional jewelry. To wear a piece of jewelry that is also an energy tool is a different experience. The New Dimension is adding more power to the standard version and gives some additional support for coping with 5G. Watch this video to see some of the other ways we can protect ourselves from the harmful effects of 5G technology.

New Dimension

A double twisting wire forms the New Dimension. This gives the Light-Life Tool additional properties. This Personal Harmonizer is a combination of three New Dimension Light-Life Rings and a New Dimension Acu-Vac Coil. Basically, this creates a 3-dimensional sphere resulting in a continuous flow of energy. Furthermore, this flow increases the frequency of any nearby energy.


This Unity New Dimension Personal Harmonizer, 24K gold plated, measures approximately 1” X 1 ¼”. It is about the width of a quarter. It weighs less than 2.5 ounces.

The New Dimension Personal Harmonizer’s base is copper. Eight coatings of silver and 24K gold follow. The layers start with silver and end with 24K gold.  This Personal Harmonizer has a doughnut-shaped light field that goes out for many feet. The light field is called a toroidal.

Clearing the energy

The Unity New Dimension Personal Harmonizer comes with a ½ Sacred Cubit Light-Life Tensor Ring. Place the Harmonizer in the Tensor Ring overnight, on occasion, in order to clear the energy. The Tensor Ring also reduces the range of the Personal Harmonizer’s energy field to the size of the the Ring.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 lbs