The Empowerment Cubit New Dimension Community Harmonizer, 24K gold plated, may help us connect to the source of energy and spirituality. It could enhance the connection between the mind, body, and soul. The New Dimension may help empower our relationship with Mother Earth. This may leave us feeling grounded and balanced. It was also created to address the harmful effects of 5G technology. Studies show this Harmonizer seems to block the negative energy. It seems to neutralize harmful energies and balances out irritating frequencies. Equally important to providing protection against 5G, air pollution may also become clearer. Clean fresh water may become more readily available. Plants may further become lusher and grow quicker.

Please watch this video on how our Light-Life Tools can help combat EMF and 5G technology.


The Empowerment Cubit New Dimension Community Harmonizer, 24K gold plated, measures about 5” H x 5” W. It weighs 16.5 ounces. This is just a little bit more than a pound.

This New Dimension Harmonizer’s base is copper, followed by a layer of silver and 24K gold plating. It has a doughnut-shaped light field that goes out for many feet. The light field is called a toroidal.

New Dimension

The New Dimension is made from a double twisting wire which provides additional properties of the Harmonizer. It is a combination of three New Dimension Light-Life Rings and a New Dimension Acu-Vac Coil. This creates a 3-dimensional sphere resulting in a continuous flow of energy. Furthermore, this flow increases the frequency of any nearby energy.

Clearing the Energy

This Energy Harmonizer comes with a Lost 1 1/2 Cubit New Dimension Light-Life Ring. The energy field expands when the Harmonizer is inside the Light-Life Ring. It also comes with a Heavy Sacred 1 Cubit Tensor Ring that clears the energy. Simply place the Harmonizer inside the Ring overnight, on occasion, to clear the energy. Additionally, the Tensor Ring reduces the range of the Harmonizer to the size of the ring.

Additional information

Weight 12.4 lbs


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