Head/Horse Mask is made of twisted copper wire. As many of us know, copper is known for its antimicrobial properties. So This Tool was designed to help horses with breathing difficulties. One night our employee, Judy, found her horse having severe breathing problems, and the only thing that helped her was our copper Nose Mask. Judy had to hold the Nose Mask tightly to the horse’s nostrils alternating them. By the morning the horse stopped sweating profusely and started breathing normally again. After Judy told this story to Slim, he rolled up his sleeves and created a bigger mask, so it can fit the horse.

After that, the Horse Mask got a second purpose. People who needed support in balancing their brain hemispheres started using it. Also, other users reported that they were wearing the Horse Mask to bring some relief to congested sinuses. Then we started receiving even more feedback from our customers. Human users have reported when they place the mask with the wires running from the forehead to the back of the head, it helps them open the “third eye”. Alternatively, when they place the mask with the wires running from ear to ear, it appears to assist in balancing the brain’s hemispheres.

As a result, the Head/Horse Mask was no anymore the Tool to only help horses with breathing difficulties. It became a versatile Tool that also helped people with many different issues.

Human users can wear the Head/Horse Mask over the head or face.

The reports from the horse owners show that the animals do well and don’t mind it strapped to the nose.

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