The King’s Chamber Resonance CD is a mathematical calculation. It is based on the mathematical formulas of John W. Keely decoded by Hans Becker. The frequencies are developed as the ideal resonant pattern of the King’s Chamber in the Giza Pyramid. This CD may help induce Hemispheric Synchronization, also known as brainwave synchronization or whole brain thinking. This Synchronization may play a role in enhancing meditation and increasing intelligence. Additionally, it may have applications in aiding physical and emotional recovery.

Hans Becker produced this CD as a ”brain balancer”. This may help enable integration of the right and left hemispheres resulting in profound elevation of awareness and creativity. Listen to this CD on earphone during meditation and think of what you would like to manifest. Holding an Energy Harmonizer during this process might help strengthen the energy field of the Harmonizer as well as improve the effectiveness of the CD. Please watch this video on Slim Spurling explaining Light-Life Energy Harmonizers.

The King’s Chamber Resonance CD sounds like distorted white noise. Use your intuition on when and how to use this CD.

The Matrix 22, Cosmic Washtub, and Storm Chaser all include the King’s Chamber Resonance CD. These are Light-Life Tools’ most powerful Energy Harmonizers.

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