The Lost Cubit Community (formerly known as Agricultural)Energy Harmonizer, silver plated, may help reduce negative of EMFs in your personal environment. This Harmonizer also helps improve your mood and those around you. It can help enhance relationships. Communication is also strengthened when this Energy Harmonizer is activated.  Additionally, this Harmonizer has been reported to draw in creativity and productivity. It, basically, can bring a general state of calm.

Activate this Energy Harmonizer to bring love and light to your community. First, hold it in your hands and close your eyes. Secondly, take a deep breath and whisper your intention. Lastly, place your Harmonizer on top of the Environmental Clearing CD to send you intention farther out into your community.

Watch this video for more tips on how to activate your Energy Harmonizer.


The Lost Cubit Community Energy Harmonizer, silver plated, measures about 4.5” H x 4.5” W. It weighs approximately 12.3 ounces. This Harmonizer is a combination of Light-Life Tensor Rings and an Acu-Vac Coil. This creates a 3-dimensional sphere resulting in a continuous flow of energy. This flow increases the frequency of any nearby energy.

The Lost Cubit Community Harmonizer’s base is copper. A layer of silver and 24K gold follow. The Lost Cubit Community Harmonizer has a doughnut-shaped light field that goes out for many feet. The Environmental Clearing CD expands the light field.

Environmental Clearing CD

The Environmental Clearing CD is the frequency of water molecules in a cloud. This sound expands the energy field of Light-Life’s Energy Harmonizers. Additionally, reports have said this frequency also helps decrease toxins in the environment. Simply place your Energy Harmonizer in front of a speaker as the Environmental Clearing CD is playing. Likewise, some people even put headphones or earbuds around the Harmonizer.

Clearing the Energy

This Energy Harmonizer comes with a Sacred 1 Cubit Light-Life Tensor Ring to put the Harmonizer in overnight, on occasion, to clear the energy. This Tensor Ring can also be used for other applications.

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Weight 0.875 lbs


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