The Lost ½ Cubit Tensor Ring, 24K gold plated, may help promote focus. It could also enhance mental clarity. Try wearing this Tensor Ring around your wrist when working on the computer. Push it farther up on your arm if it gets in your way. The ability to promote focus on a daunting task may also become easier. This Tensor Ring was created to help recover from long-standing emotional issues. It may also help clear and balance your aura.

We’ve had reports that flowers and household plants often last much longer when placed inside this Tensor Ring. Animals also seem to respond well when in the vicinity of this Ring. Additionally, this Ring could enhance the taste of your drinks and improve the quality of water. Simply place your drink, or water cup, inside the Ring and enjoy the taste.

Please watch this video of Slim Spurling explain the Sacred Cubit and Lost Cubit Tensor Rings.


The Lost ½ Cubit Tensor Ring, 24K gold plated, measures about 3 ¾” in diameter. It weighs approximately 1.4 ounces. This Tensor Ring comes with 3 beads attached which increases the strength and density of the tensor field.

The Tensor Ring’s Base is copper. It has two alternating layers of first silver, then 24K gold. This Tensor Ring is also available in sterling silver. The sterling silver appears to give the Tool a more subtle and smoother energy field.

Tensor Field of Light-Life Rings

The tensor field of our Light-Life Rings is the empty space within the circumference. The tensor field creates a higher vibration that may bring beneficial life-force to everything within its energy field.

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