The Lost 3 ½ Cubit Tensor Ring, copper, may help provide a good night’s rest. All you need to do is place it underneath your mattress. Do you have a partner? Place one on their side as well. Then, you will both benefit from a good night’s rest. This Tensor Ring was created to support mental and emotional issues. Therefore, it might make a good Tool for meditation. Sitting inside this Ring may help you reach a deeper meditative state.

Physical issues can sometimes begin in our minds, so using this Tensor Ring may be a good way to get in touch with discomfort. Try using it as an aura shower to clear negative energy. Run the Ring down over your body, beginning at the crown of your head and finishing at your feet. Reverse the flow so the aura shower ends at your head. Breath deeply during this process and think positive thoughts. This Ring may also help you feel grounded and connected to Mother Earth.


The Lost 3 ½ Cubit Tensor Ring, copper, is approximately 27″ in diameter. It weighs around 8.7 ounces. This Tensor Ring comes with 5 beads which increases the strength and density of the tensor field.

Please watch this video on Slim Spurling explain Tensor Rings and the different cubit measurements.

Tensor Field of Light-Life Rings

The tensor field of our Light-Life Rings is the empty space within the circumference. The tensor field creates a higher vibration that may bring beneficial life-force to everything within its energy field.

Additional information

Weight 2.625 lbs


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