The Empowerment Cubit New Dimension Environmental Harmonizer, similarly to other Harmonizers, creates a coherent light field that helps balance the energy within its reach. It has all the qualities of the Empowerment Cubit Environmental Energy Harmonizer, but the double twisting gives this Tool additional properties that help transmute the 5G energy. New Dimension is the name given to Light-Life Energy Tools that are made of double twisted wire.

The Empowerment Cubit New Dimension Environmental Harmonizer seems to be the most effective Tool to protect from 5G technology. According to the readings provided by energy workers, this Harmonizer transmutes the foreign 5G energy heading to the human body into a more digestible and less harmful form. Additionally, families and communities with this Energy Harmonizers report more harmony, less negative energy, a greater sense of well-being, emotional comfort, and a lower stress level to name a few. The feedback also suggests that it positively affects emotional clarity, intuition, and psychic abilities. Its powerful energy can elevate individual and collective consciousness.

If you want to learn more about this Harmonizer, please watch this video.

Environmental Clearing CD

The Environmental Clearing CD is the frequency of water molecules in a cloud. This sound expands the energy field of Light-Life’s Energy Harmonizers. Additionally, reports have said this frequency also helps decrease toxins in the environment. Simply place your Energy Harmonizer in front of a speaker as the Environmental Clearing CD is playing. Likewise, some people even put headphones or earbuds around the Harmonizer.

This Harmonizer comes with 2 Rings: Sacred 1/2 Cubit Tensor Ring and Lost 1 Cubit New Dimension Ring.

To shut down range of this Harmonizer or to clear it, place the Sacred 1/2 Cubit Ring around it overnight. However, if you want to extend its range, place the Lost 1 Cubit New Dimension Ring around your Harmonizer.

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Weight 4 lbs


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