The Sacred ½ Cubit Tensor Ring, no beads, 24K Gold Plated has a diameter of about 3 ¼ in. The Sacred Cubit Light-Life Tensor Rings are known to have an impact on 3-dimensional or physical conditions.  The 24K gold plating not only gives it a nice look but also seems to raise the vibration. The tensor field inside this Ring brings beneficial life-force energy to everything within its enclosure. This may contribute to improving overall health and well-being. In your life, this means this Tensor Ring may help speed up the healing process, combat fatigue, enrich your blood with oxygen, reduce the effects of harmful Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs), and potentize water (for drinking and watering plants).

Each Light-Life Ring is made by our metal-smiths here in Colorado and is unique. The measurements are based on sacred geometry and Slim learned from Nikola Tesla that the beads act as amplifiers. This ring is compact and can travel well, so everywhere you go you can bring with you the healing benefits of the tensor field.

The applications of the Sacred ½ Cubit Light-Life Tensor Ring, no beads, 24K gold plated are versatile. People wear it on their left wrist when working on the computer. Place your glass of tap water in the ring for improved taste. Place it over an area in distress and see if it helps.

To learn more about applications of the Sacred ½ Cubit Tensor Ring please watch this video.

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