Our Sacred 3 ½ Cubit Heavy Light-Life Tensor Ring, copper with 5 beads, is a wonderful investment in your health. The Sacred Cubit Light-Life Tensor Rings are associated with the physical realm. The thicker gauge wire and the beads act as amplifiers to create a more dense and strong tensor field, than the regular gauge. This Tensor Ring may help with physical discomfort, relaxation, and meditation. Additionally, many use it to reduce the effects of harmful Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) by placing the Ring around electronics.

Also, this Ring is a go-to choice for different energy practitioners. It may assist in the relaxation of their clients if they place 1 or more Rings below the massage table in a vesica pisces formation. The strong tensor field of this Ring may boost your sleep dramatically if placed it under the mattress. Additionally, our customers use it for the aura shower and meditation practice as this Ring seems to invoke a smoother transition to a meditative state.

To choose a Light-Life Ring, consider what you want to do with it. We recommend having several sizes of rings for different purposes. Applications of Light-Life Tensor Rings are numerous and only limited by your imagination.

We manufacture all Light-Life Ring here in Colorado. The measurements are based on sacred geometry and Slim learned from Nikola Tesla that the beads act as amplifiers.

The Sacred Cubit heavy Light-Life Tensor Ring – 3 ½ Cubit, copper, 5 beads has a diameter of about 22.75 in.

Please read our blog to learn more about Light-Life Tensor Rings.

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Weight 1.125 lbs


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