The Sacred 1 ½ Cubit Tensor Ring, sterling silver, may help move energy quickly and more smoothly. This is due to the fact silver is considered a faster conductor of healing energies. Therefore, it may also be more efficient at reducing EMFs. This size Tensor Ring may fit perfectly over most laptops which can help stop EMFs from reaching your body.

This Tensor Ring is also a great Light-Life Tool for natural treatment of physical discomfort. Practitioners of the healing arts may find this Tensor Ring of great value. It could help speed up sessions and results may last longer. Additionally, this Ring could help support overall health and well-being. It may bring a beneficial life-force energy to everything inside it’s tensor field. The sterling silver seems to raise the vibration giving additional benefits. Such as natural treatment of physical issues, decrease fatigue, and enrich blood flow.

We encourage you to use your intuition and imagination on how to best use this Tensor Ring. The options can be limitless.

Sterling Silver Description

This Tensor Ring is made of pure sterling silver. It is not from copper and then plated in silver. This Tensor Ring comes with 2 beads attached which increases the strength and density of the tensor field. A small labeling ring is added to designate this Tensor Ring as sterling silver and not silver plated.

Silver is a superior electrical conductor and can handle higher voltages of power. Therefore, the energy field of the tensor Ring seems to be stronger and smoother acting. It operates at a finer higher frequency vibration.


The Sacred 1 ½ Cubit Tensor Ring, sterling silver, measures approximately 10 ¼ inches diameter and weighs around 2.2 ounces. This Ring also comes in 24K gold plating. Please watch this video on Slim Spurling explain Tensor Rings and the different cubit measurements.

Tensor Field of Light-Life Rings

The tensor field of our Light-Life Rings is the empty space within the circumference. The tensor field creates a higher vibration that may bring beneficial life-force to everything within its energy field.

Additional information

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