The Sacred 1 ½ Cubit Tensor Ring, copper is very versatile due to its larger size. Its diameter is about 10 ¼ inches. The Sacred Cubit Light-Life Tensor Rings seem to have an impact on 3-dimensional or physical conditions. The effects take place inside the ring which contains the columnar tensor or light field. This may contribute to improving overall health and well-being. This means this Tensor Ring may help speed up the healing process, help with physical discomfort, combat headache, and fatigue, reduce the effects of harmful Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs),  potentize your water (for drinking and watering plants) and food, and many more.

To choose a Light-Life Ring, consider what you want to do with it. We recommend having several sizes of rings for different purposes. The larger size makes it ideal for placing around electronics to contain EMFs. Some people sit on it while driving or flying to avoid fatigue and jet lag. A lot of users put Sacred Cubit Tensor Rings under their pillow or several of them under the bed for a restful sleep. Additionally, many of our customers keep the Rings permanently in their refrigerators to keep the produce fresh and nutrient-rich longer.

Applications of Light-Life Tensor Rings are numerous and only limited by your imagination. Whatever we place inside the light field of the Ring gets affected by its light in a positive way.

We manufacture all Light-Life Ring here in Colorado. The measurements are based on sacred geometry and Slim learned from Nikola Tesla that the beads act as amplifiers.

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