The Sacred ¼ Cubit Lotus Pendant, 24K gold plated, may help encourage balance. This Pendant was created to provide protection against picking up energies from outside your personal bio-field. It can help reset and harmonize chakras. Use the adjustable cord to place this Pendant against the different chakras. Try placing it on each chakra for 5 seconds first thing in the morning, then again before you go to sleep. This may help elevate energy setting you up for a positive day and a restful night’s sleep. This will also help clear your body of negative energy and encourage balance.

This Pendant also supports our body with physical issues. Practitioners in the healing arts find this to be an effective Light-Life Tool. It is said to raise the core vibration of the body. This can help enable the body to respond with a stronger energy healing. Most people prefer wearing the pendant so the ring is on the outside. This keeps the energy of the pendant for yourself. Putting the ring next to your body allows the energy to radiate outward.

Clear the Lotus Pendant in between uses by swiping your hand over it north to south then east to west. Do not use a circular motion as this can disrupt the energy. Moving the Lotus Pendant slowly up and down when concentrating on a specific area puts the energy into motion and seems to kick it up a notch.

Technical Information

The Sacred ¼ Cubit Lotus Pendant, 24K gold plated, is based on the Seed of Life. Only a much smaller version. It is made from seven Sacred Cubit Tensor Rings inside a Sacred ¼ Cubit Tensor Ring. This Pendant uses the Flower of Life symbolism in its design. In sacred geometry, this basic shape embodies the concept of creation, unity, and the fact that we’re all created from the same blueprint. Additionally, Slim Spurling believed the overlapping of Rings intensifies the energy field.

This Pendant measures about 1.75″ across and weighs less than 1 ounce.  It includes a Sacred ¼ Cubit Tensor Ring with three fixed beads attached to it. Wear the Pendant so the Ring is away from the body to protect yourself from unwanted energies. The Pendant’s base is copper. It has eight alternating layers of silver and 24K gold. The layers first start with silver and then end in 24K gold.


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Weight 0.125 lbs


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