The Sacred 1 Cubit New Dimension Ring, silver plated, was created to help cleanse negative energy. It may also assist in strengthening our relationship with the physical. Due to this fact, the New Dimension Ring is an advanced Light-Life Tool. Healing practitioners may, therefore, be able to take their practice to the next level. Individuals who are energy sensitive may benefit as well. This Ring may also provide clearer visions on all levels of consciousness. Slim Spurling said it best, “give the ring to someone who is a visionary interested in activating their brain.”

This Ring may help circulate energy flow through the body’s meridian lines. This may help unblock stagnant energy leaving your body aligned and functioning properly. Furthermore, it may help provide a natural remedy for physical issues. Sit on this Ring during mediation. It may bring to to a higher level of personal awareness.


The Sacred 1 Cubit New Dimension Ring, silver plated, measures approximately 6.5″ in diameter and weighs around 3.2 ounces. A double twisting wire forms this Tool. The base is copper and has three layers of silver and 24K gold. The layers first start with silver, followed by 24K gold, ending with silver. The silver plating raises the vibration of the New Dimension Ring.

The standard Light-Life Rings may contain the energy field of the Harmonizers to the size of the Tensor Ring. However, the New Dimension Rings expand the energy field of the Harmonizers.

Please read this blog discussing additional benefits of New Dimension Rings.

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