What has your jewelry done for you lately? Our hand-crafted silver pendant, made right here in Colorado, not only is a gorgeous statement piece, but its metaphysical properties are pretty powerful. If you are not familiar with the tools, the Harmonizer is said to restore harmony while the Feedback Loop pulls out negative energy and immediately replaces it with positive.

Most of our Harmonizer Pendants come with a Sacred Cubit ring that allows you to recharge your pendant’s energy, however this product does not come with a ring. We’ve found by attaching the feedback loop to the harmonizer that it can recharge itself and is self-cleaning. No matter what negative energy or chaotic outside forces you may encounter, this pendant will help you stay calm, centered and balanced. Let us know your experience with this fantastic tool!

NOTE: This item does NOT come with a Light-Life® Ring as the attached Feedback Loop constantly recharging and cleaning the energy field of the Personal Harmonizer.