The Sacred Cubit Personal Energy Harmonizer with Feedback Loop, silver-plated, lacquered is a powerful piece of jewelry that has two Tools in one.  The Harmonizer is designed to restore harmony while the Feedback Loop pulls out negative energy and immediately replaces it with positive. The Feedback Loop, when attached to a Sacred Cubit Personal Harmonizer, encourages feelings of empowerment. Additionally, it may help you feel grounded and balanced. This grounding centers your soul in your highest level of consciousness.

Also, try pointing the Feedback Loop toward any area that needs help. As you do this, say your intention out loud. This Light-Life Tool may help manifest those intentions and help restore harmony in that area.

Watch this short video as Katharina explains the Personal Harmonizer with Feedback Loop. We also recommend using your imagination and intuition for the best uses for you.


The Sacred Cubit Personal Energy Harmonizer with Feedback Loop, Silver plated, measures about 2 ¼″ H x 1″ W. It weighs approximately 2.4 ounces.

The Personal Harmonizer is a combination of a Light-Life Tensor Ring and an Acu-Vac Coil. This creates a 3-dimensional sphere resulting in a continuous flow of energy. Furthermore, this flow increases the frequency of any nearby energy. Its base is copper. Nine alternating coatings of silver and 24K gold follow. The layers start and end with silver. The Sacred Cubit Personal Harmonizer has a doughnut-shaped light field that goes out for many feet. This light field is called a toroidal.

The attached Feedback Loop is a small version of our Sacred Cubit Feedback Loop. The feedback loop is made of sterling silver, then lacquered.


Light-Life Tools uses an organic lacquer. This helps protect them from tarnishing and wearing off. It also protects your Personal Harmonizer from minor scuffs and scratches. In addition, it allows your jewelry to stay shiny and beautiful for much longer.

Clearing the Energy

The Sacred Cubit Personal Energy Harmonizer with Feedback Loop, Silver plated, does not come with Sacred ½ Cubit Light-Life Tensor Ring. The attached Feedback Loop is constantly recharging and cleaning the energy field of the Personal Harmonizer.