Why did we add a Feedback Loop to a Personal Harmonizer? Because when Slim was developing the tools he studied countless scientific journals, conducted experiments with friends and heeded the advice of trusted psychics.

We’ll let her explain:

You will feel empowered when using a Feedback Loop on a Personal Harmonizer. This tool helps you tap into your mastery as an individual and manifests your self-esteem. You feel in command of your life and very grounded. This grounding centers your soul in your highest level of consciousness. Pointing the Feedback Loop away from you brings you into neutrality. Your mind goes blank. This is wonderful for a therapist, allowing him/her to remain neutral when a patient is facing them and becomes empowered. When the therapist needs to speak, he/she can turn the Feedback Loop around and will be able to effectively communicate with their patient. 

NOTE: This item does NOT come with a Light-Life® Ring as the attached Feedback Loop constantly recharging and cleaning the energy field of the Personal Harmonizer.

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