This DVD set, Slim Spurling’s Universe: Introduction and Application of Light-Life Tools, will help you discover practical everyday uses for the Light-Life Tools. Furthermore, learn, or refresh you memory, with hours of insight as shared by Slim Spurling and Cal Garrison. Also included is a session demonstrating effect with graphic examples of theory, verifiable data, and references. This 2 disc DVD set was created to compliment the book Slim Spurling’s Universe

Watch Cal Garrison interview Slim Spurling. This DVD Set introduces us to Light-Life Technology. Learn about the function and application of Light-Life Tools. For example, listen to the discovery of the Tensor Rings and the history behind the technology. Find out additional information on Slim’s research. Hear about all the different testimonials. In addition, watch Slim as he shows different Tools and how they can be used.Hear

Slim Spurling’s Universe – The Light-Life Technology: Ancient Science Rediscovered to Restore the Health of the Environment and Mankind is the first written documentation about a lifetime of research that took Slim Spurling far beyond the boundaries of known science. This book is full of knowledge and information about Light-Life Tools. Above all, it will give readers a clear concise picture of how we can take the problems of the world into our own hands and do something about them.


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