The Song of the Soul Pendant, 24K gold plated, may enhance your connection to the soul. Much like a bird serenades us from its tree branch, this pendant was named Song of the Soul as it seems to create clear, concise, and loving communication between you and others. Therefore, it may allow you to speak your truth and redirect yourself to a healthier you.

This Pendant may also help break generational patterns. Have you found yourself repeating unwanted behaviors of your ancestors? Wearing this pendant may encourage you to subconsciously move away from bad habits and start new ones that serve you and your life purpose best. Additionally, this Pendant wants to enhance your connection to the soul. It seems to harmonize your personal energies allowing you to attune your consciousness to the reality of your soul. Benefits include: bringing about clarity, raising consciousness, and providing a sense of well being over time.

Technical Information

The Song of the Soul Pendant, 24K gold plated, incorporates all three cubit measurements: Sacred Cubit, Lost Cubit, and Empowerment Cubit. It is formed into a 3-dimensional sphere resulting in a continuous flow of energy. Furthermore, this flow increases the frequency of any nearby energy.

This Pendant measures about 1 inch high by 0.65 inch wide, weighs approximately 0.2 ounces, and comes lacquered. The Pendant’s base is copper. It has two alternating layers of first silver, then 24K gold. Light-Life uses organic lacquer. This protects the Pendant from tarnishing and wearing off plus minor scuffs and scratches. In addition, it allows your jewelry to stay shiny and beautiful for much longer.

Please watch this video for more details regarding the Song of the Soul Pendant.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 lbs


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