Slim Spurling designed our finger rings with the meridians in mind. If you are familiar with acupuncture, then you understand the concept of energy meridians. Acupuncture helps restore the energy flow in your body and helps any blocked chi move through with ease. There is a different energy meridian that ends at the tip of each finger. This particular ring is suitable for any finger on your hand. The Unseen Venus Finger Rings came into existence when Slim came in contact with an alchemist from Canada. He suggested that we try hammering the coiled metal strands to further increase their effect. Although the design of this ring is fairly simple, its metaphysical properties are profound.

Whereas gold is the metal of the sun, silver is the metal of the moon. Wearing a silver ring is said to harness the power of the moon’s protection, offering the wearer a calming and balancing sensation. Because the Venus Finger Ring is hammered, the moon attraction is amplified. As we mentioned earlier, wearing this finger ring may help you balance the energy flow in your body and aura.

You can learn more about which hand and which finger to place the ring on by reading text on acupuncture and reflexology. By cross-referencing the texts and determining what one needs to strengthen in one’s life you will more clearly be able to choose the ring and the finger. To see the full line of Light-Life finger rings please click here.

Our talented metal-smiths make Light-Life Tools here in Colorado. Each Tool is unique in its own way. The measurements are based off the principles of sacred geometry and quantum physics. In addition, most of our Tools are compact and can travel well, so everywhere you go, you can also bring their healing benefits.

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