Energy Field Testing of the Mini Personal Pendants

Recently we used the nice days to do more research with our Mini Personal Hamonizers as well as our latest product, the Mini Pyramid Pendant.

For our research, we had four test persons; and with dowsing rods we determined each of their energy fields. We then did comparisons when not wearing any Light-Life Tools, after we sent them negative energy, and after we sent them positive energy.

After continuously wearing their Light-Life Pendants the subjects were tested again eight days later.

It was very interesting to see that the Mini Pyramid Pendant was not only protecting from negative energy but increasing the energy field of the person wearing it. My explanation for that is that the Mini Pyramid Pendant seems to strengthen us from the inside out so the field immediately is stronger and everything that is added to the field, even negative thoughts coming our way, is strengthening our field.

Of course results may vary from person to person, and still, we found them very impressive. We encourage you to do your own testing. Below are our findings.

Personal Energy Field with Mini Pyramid and Mini PH 7-11-16 & 7-19-16