Why Choose Light-Life Jewelry and Pendants that are Lacquered?

Lacquering is a process of putting a clear coat onto the pendants after they have been plated. This clear coat helps to protect the finish of the plating from tarnishing and wearing off. It allows your pendant to stay shiny and beautiful for a bit longer than a pendant that doesn’t have this coating.

When Slim Spurling first created the Light-Life Personal Energy Harmonizers, there wasn’t a healthy lacquer available to use and therefore he chose not to lacquer them. Since then we have found an organic lacquer and have come up with a special process to restore the vibration of the piece back to its original state.

When the plating starts to wear off or starts to tarnish there seems to be a beneficial gaseous state created that permeates the aura of the person. While this may be a nice side effect of a non-lacquered piece, this gaseous state is very temporary. We have found, though, that many customers tend not to wear their pendants after they have started to tarnish and some send them back for replating. However, this involves extra costs.

We encourage you to choose the lacquered Personal Energy Harmonizers and pendants when making your purchasing decision. After all, our Light-Life Jewelry is an investment and we want you to enjoy it for a very long time.

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