Light-Life Jewelry offers a wide variety of Pendants including: Personal Harmonizers in all the Cubit measurements, two sizes of the Lotus, Moon Pendants in different metals, and lastly, Pyramid, Song of the Soul, and Tibetan. Each necklace is designed to be worn day after day. Though they all offer slightly different benefits, the one thing they all help with is creating harmony in your life.

Personal Harmonizers help strengthen your energy field and also create harmony in your immediate surroundings. They come as a full sized or a mini Pendant and are offered in all the Cubit measurements. The Sacred Cubit seems to help issues you can see. The Lost Cubit assists with issues that appear invisible. The Empowerment Cubit strengthens issues on the mental and spiritual level.

Lotus Pendants are made from seven small Light-Life Tensor Rings overlapping each other inside a larger Tensor Ring. This created a design representing a lotus flower. The Sacred Cubit Lotus help raise the body’s core vibration. The Lost Cubit Lotus help you connect to your own energy.

Moon Pendants are a combination of a Sacred, Lost, and Empowerment Cubit Tensor Rings. They come in copper, 24K gold plated, and sterling silver. Each metal affects the body in subtle ways. One thing they all have in common is strengthening your personal bio-field and boosting your immune system.

Pyramids, Song of the Soul Pendants, and Tibetan Pendants are each a powerful, beautiful, individual piece of functional art. Pyramids help realign your energy field. Song of the Souls help you speak truthfully to yourself. Tibetans help provide balance and protection against negative energy.

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