Slim Spurling

Slim Spurling, Creator of Light-Life® Tools

Slim Spurling’s greatest desire was to bring healing to this Earth – and everything living on it – by seeking knowledge and truth and using it to create Light-Life® Tools.

Slim Spurling History

Slim Spurling was born in Aberdeen, South Dakota, in 1938, but his family moved to Colorado just a few years later. As a child, Slim loved the country and the forest, working in the fields, fishing, and hunting.  His family had also always done its best to live in harmony with nature.

Before college, Slim served as a Petty Officer Third Class in the Navy Air Reserve. During that time, he had a chance meeting with the Navy Commander at the base barbershop. This conversation turned out to be a significant episode in his life. Slim guessed that his reserve record and grades impressed the Commander because the Commander wrote a letter exempting Slim from his monthly reserve duties.
The following month, while flying to Olathe, Kansas, all the reservists were killed when the flight went down in a storm. This tragic event occurred again the next month as a second flight of reservists went down. Slim was grief-stricken by the loss of his friends but also awed that, for some reason, his life had been spared. 

For the first time, Slim realized that his destiny and purpose for being were guided by forces much larger than he could imagine.
After his two-year career as a naval officer, he graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Natural Sciences, with a focus on forestry, botany with mycology (study of fungi), and chemistry.
Because of his excellent research, Slim was offered a scholarship to a three-year Master’s Degree program to develop a special chemical substance. After reading the criteria this substance should meet, it was clear to Slim that the research intended to manipulate the general population. Deeply shaken and disgusted, Slim refused to take his diploma and turned his back on the scientific and academic community for many years.

From Blacksmith to Dowser

After leaving academia, Slim began a twenty-year career as a blacksmith. He founded and directed the Skunk Hollow blacksmithing school in the 1970s in Morrison, CO. At the time, Skunk Hollow was the largest Blacksmithing School in the United States, and blacksmithing always remained of the utmost importance to Slim in everything he later did. It also led him to his first encounter with alchemy. Not least because of this, all of the pieces of iron made by Slim have a very personal and inimitable signature.

Slim first encountered Dowsing as a young boy. His parents hired a dowser to find a suitable spot for a well, and the dowser let Slim hold one end of the rod. Slim felt it move as they discovered the water below, and many years later, he remembered this experience and learned the art of dowsing for himself. Slim began practicing dowsing in 1970 and created a simple and inexpensive method of neutralizing Geopathic Stress and the Hartmann Grid. He was an internationally recognized expert in the art and he was known for conducting seminars in the U.S., Canada, Europe, South America, and South Africa.
Teaching his method of dowsing and using the Light-Life Tools was one of the foundations of his workshops.

Slim developed a keen interest in metaphysics, which was sparked by two near-death experiences and one out-of-body experience. In 1985 Slim and his good friend Bill Reid began to explore the intricacies of alchemy and metaphysics together. The research in subtle energy phenomena and technologies led to the discovery of the first Light-Life® Ring in 1991. Further inventions based on this technology are the Acu-Vac Coil, the Feedback Loop, and the Harmonizer. These Light-Life Tools, which are room temperature super-conductors, produce positive subtle energy effects in areas as diverse as relieving discomfort, enhancing the body’s ability to heal itself, improving water quality, reducing air pollution, pest control, and increasing plant growth.

Later Life

Slim Spurling and Katharina Spurling-Kaffl

Slim met Katharina Kaffl in the fall of 1997 at his first workshop near Munich, Germany. In 2001 they were married. To Slim’s intuitive nature, Katharina brought her professional experience in business, finances, and practice as a healer. Before long, she became a collaborator in his creative world of Light-Life Technology. On a higher level, Katharina and Slim’s marriage wed their commitment to each other with their dream of bringing harmony and healing to the world and all its people.

The techniques and technologies for personal and environmental health are now recognized and put into practice by a growing network of associate researchers and individuals worldwide who are keenly interested in the issues of health and the environment.

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