Do you want to help your clients heal faster?

Are you worn out at the end of your day helping clients?

Learn how to balance and harmonize your client workspace so clients instantly relax the moment they walk into the room!

We’ve created this page as a guide to using our products; specifically, those that will support you in your endeavors to bring healing to the world, one client at a time.


All of our Light-Life Tools can be used to promote health and healing. We can recommend specific tools to help you:

      • Provide more benefits to more clients, faster
      • Amplify your own natural healing abilities
      • Remain in your own energy rather than picking up your client energy

Speed up your healing sessions! A session that may normally take two hours can be reduced to 30-45 minutes when using our Light-Life Tensor Rings, alone or in combination with our Acu-Vac Coil and/or our Feedback Loop and/or an Energy Harmonizer. This helps you serve more clients in a day and your reputation will then be based on the extraordinary results you accomplish in a shorter amount of time.

For all of the tools remember that there is no one size fits all. Trust your intuition and use what is right for each client.

One recommendation is to utilize the following specific Light-Life Rings:

Sacred (or Lost) Cubit Tensor Ring, when used in combination with our Empowerment Cubit Light-Life Tensor Ring – this configuration is designed and reported to:

      • Enhance chakra clearing.
      • Rebalance chi.
      • Help release physical, emotional, and mental blockages.

3 1/2 Sacred Cubit Light-Life Tensor Ring may:

      • Help clients relax more fully during a session when 4-5 of these rings are placed in a Vesica Piscis configuration (which means they overlap in the center) under the table.
      • Boost detoxification when placed around a foot tub using an Aqua Chi machine.
      • Enhance supplements, essential oils and massage oils when placed inside the ring.

3 1/2 Heavy Sacred Cubit Heavy Light-Life Tensor Ring, Lost Cubit Heavy Light-Life Tensor Ring or the Empowerment Cubit Heavy Light-Life Tensor Ring, when swept over your client’s body, might:

      • Smooth and balance your client’s auric field.
      • Help your client release traumatic experiences (e.g., loss of a loved one).
      • Help your client leave your office feeling grounded.

Our Seed of Life has been reported to:

      • Raise the vibration on a cellular level wherever it is placed on the body (the higher the vibration the less discomfort).
      • Calm your client when held at his/her heart level.
      • Support your client in releasing karmic issues by placing it on the solar plexus (or wherever your intuition guides you to place it).

Lotus Pendant is a combination of several rings and is designed to:

      • Help increase your intuitive impressions when worn during a healing session.
      • Raise the vibration on a cellular level when placed on areas of discomfort on the client’s body.
      • Positively affect the client’s chakras by allowing for a stable flow of energy when placed over each chakra for a few minutes.

Another recommendation is to utilize the following Light-Life Energy Harmonizers:

Environmental Energy Harmonizer seems to:

      • Increase the energy in your office
      • Relieve chronic discomfort or inflammatory conditions when placed on the client’s body
      • Bring amplified harmony and balance to everyone in its range

Personal Energy Harmonizer or Unity Harmonizer, may:

      • Help you stay in your own energy so you remain refreshed even after the last client leaves your office.
      • Help you take care of yourself first which is crucial in the healing profession.
      • Help your client feel better overall simply by being in its presence (radius is about 15-20 feet).