The Venus Mirror Finger Rings were created to add upon and also balance energies in powerful, yet subtle ways. Slim Spurling’s intent for creating the six different Finger Rings was for them to serve as a daily visual reminder and energetic magnet for archetypal influences that exist within us all. Thus, according to Slim, “The Rings are keyed precisely to the fundamentals of the planet and life on it.”

The Finger Rings are made out of copper, sterling silver, or additionally, a combination of both. According to acupuncture, there are meridians of energy that flow through all the different fingers, ending at the point of the nail. The energy properties running through the fingers, affect each metal differently. Therefore, each metal will bring a different result, depending on which finger the Ring is on. Cross referencing chiromancy, or palm reading, can help determine which finger your Venus Mirror Finger Ring will help serve you best.

Copper, when worn on the body, is reported to:
  • Revitalize you physically
  • Activate your mind
  • Decrease mental stress
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Stir you from lethargy
  • Attract love
  • Protect against evil
  • Purify and cleanse both mind and body
Sterling Silver, when worn on the body, is reported to:
  • Promote well-being
  • Send soft energy movement throughout the body
  • Carry a lunar female energy
  • Add sparkle and shine to your senses
  • Create a sunny perspective towards your emotions
  • Purify and cleanse both mind and body
The left hand represents the past; the right hand represents present and future
  • The thumb stands for personal will 
  • The index finger serves the business or professional approach to life 
  • The middle finger impacts mental processes that influence your career 
  • The ring finger is attached to the heart and emotions 
  • The little finger governs relationships and connections to groups 

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