Lost Cubit Tensor Rings appear to operate on a metaphysical level. They are effective with supporting mental and emotional issues. There is no limit to how Lost Cubit Tensor Rings can be used to enhance your life. Use them for personal applications, household uses, and workplace assistance. Children and animals even benefit from these Tensor Rings.

In 2000, researcher and inventor Hans Becker discovered the Lost Cubit length and gave Slim Spurling permission to incorporate this discovery in the production of the Light-Life Tools. Also called the forbidden cubit, this previously unknown cubit measurement is not recorded in the ancient texts. It does fill a harmonic gap between the established Sacred Cubit and the now Lost Cubit measurement. As discussions progressed, the idea surfaced that all the knowledge relating to this measurement might have been deliberately hidden or lost. Truly transformative power is often kept back from the general audience and held in the hands of a chosen few.

The natural resonant frequency of a Lost 1 Cubit Light-Life Tensor Ring is 177 mHz. The fact that it vibrates faster than the speed of light is worth noting. It is easy to deduce that this would render it more powerful on some level.

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