The Community Energy Harmonizer has shown powerful effects on communities at large. It may allow one to harmonize very quickly on all levels. It appears to create a frequency in one’s energy field that is pure light and when other people feel it, it may ignite that pure light in them as well. It seems to be self-regulating, meaning that the energy is reaching out as far as one needs it to.

This Community Energy Harmonizer does everything the Sacred and Lost Cubit Harmonizers are capable of doing, such as clearing the air, water, and soil. In addition, they seem to add a spiritual quality which works on all three realms: physical, emotional, and mental. Communities are able to implement significant positive changes in their environments. People have reported more clarity in their lives. Issues are being resolved that have not been addressed in the past.

The Empowerment Cubit Community Energy Harmonizers seem to have a broader range than the Sacred Cubits or the Lost Cubits do. Activating them with the Environmental Clearing CD only increases the range of cosmic light field.

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