Light-Life Earrings are designed to provide a sense of inner peace and harmony. Wearing any pair of our Earrings may assist you in remaining focused, finding clarity, and gaining emotional balance. They have also been known to help relieve headaches. Each set of Earrings are made from sterling silver. They are also offered in 24K gold plating.

The single loop Light-Life Earrings come in a small and large size. In these sets, each earring is a different cubit measurement: one is Sacred Cubit, the other is Lost Cubit. These Earrings may help balance your personal bio-field.

The Amity Earrings also come in a small and large size. These sets combine both the Sacred Cubit and Lost Cubit measurement on each Earring. This enhances the power of the tensor field. Not only will these Earrings provide the benefits of the single loop Light-Life Earrings, but they will also help create a deep sense of calmness.

The Moon Earrings are a combination of the Sacred, Lost, and Empowerment ⅛ Cubit Tensor Rings. These earrings appear to harmonize a person’s bio-field. They may strengthen your life-force or Chi energy. Wearing them may also help soften negativity found within and balance emotional issues.

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