The Basics Behind Light-Life® Energy Tools
Understanding how Light-Life Tools work to promote a healthy environment

What are the basics behind Light-Life Energy Tools? To begin with, Light-Life Tools is based on the Egyptian or Sacred Cubit measurement. This dimension was discovered during examinations and measurements in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza carved in a large stone.

This cubit is a multiple of the radius of the hydrogen atom and the wavelength of visible light on earth. It is also in the exact relationship to the force of gravity (gravitation), the mass of the earth and the earth’s magnetic field. The length of a cubit corresponds to 1.69443 geodetic feet.

Every measure of length result in what is known as a lambda. The length of an antenna is referred to as lambda. The appropriate frequency can therefore be received as a function of this lambda.

The Light-Life Tensor Rings could, therefore, be described as double-twisted ring antennas. The cylindrical light field that is emitted by the Tensor Rings is clockwise on both sides and positive. Furthermore, the outer electron shells of the atoms begin to oscillate. When the outer electron shells swing back, photons (light particles) are emitted. Everything that is brought into the light field of the Tensor Rings is charged with light energy.

According to the current state of research, the bio-photon content of food or the body is decisive for health.


We craft our Light-Life Tools out of copper and are then plated with silver and 24K gold. We also manufacture Light-Life Tools by request in sterling silver. In addition, subtle audio frequencies known to produce health improving effects and other beneficial qualities are embedded into all our tools as they are being made.

Copper is a metal that has, according to Slim Spurling, the ability to transmute cosmic energy into life force energy. Its natural tendency to oxidize with age gradually boosts its power.

Our gold plated Light-Life Tools begin with copper, are plated with a layer of silver, and then followed with a layer of 24K gold. The 24K gold plating adds a higher frequency due to the structure of its atom in the crystal as it is applied to the Tools. The silver-plated Light-Life Tools begin with copper, are plated with one layer of silver, followed by a layer of 24K gold, and then end with a layer of silver. Silver is said to bring the Tool a softer smoother energy flow.

All of our Energy Harmonizers and Pendants have either eight or nine alternating layers of silver and 24K gold. When the outside layer is 24K gold, there are eight layers of plating. There are nine layers of plating when the outside layer is silver. The reason for the multi-layering is that it creates a thermocouple effect, generating a small voltage to be converted instantly to an electric current (measured in amperage) to increase the Tool’s energy field.

According to inventor Nikola Tesla, spheres are amplifiers, so Slim Spurling decided to add beads to some of the Light-Life Tensor Rings to amplify their beneficial effects. The more beads a Tool features, the stronger its effects. Tools with beads have a stronger denser tensor field; the beads essentially provide the Rings with “more horsepower.”

NOTE: Light-Life Tensor Rings without beads are used mainly in outdoor applications such as irrigation systems, garden hoses, and smart meters, and also to sit on during long hours of travel to help reduce fatigue and stiffness.

The heavy wire creates a stronger field density, which seems to generate more light and life force energy. For our Light-Life Heavy Tools, no beads are required because the heavy gauge copper creates a stronger tensor field than the standard rings with beads. The heavy wire may promote quicker health improvement and speed up recovery process.

Silver is a superior electrical conductor able to handle greater voltages and currents in electric circuitry. The sterling silver Light-Life Tools seem to work at a slightly different subtle level, and appear to operate more smoothly and more quickly, due to a higher frequency. This discovery came from practitioners in the healing arts who have worked with Light-Life Tools for any length of time. They now prefer the sterling silver Tools to the copper ones.

These Light-Life Tools provide the same benefits as the 24K gold plating Tools and the sterling silver Tools. The sterling silver with 24K gold plating adds a higher frequency due to the structure of the 24K gold atom in the crystal as it is applied to the Tools.

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The Basics Behind the Light-Life® Energy Tools

Light-Life Tools are designed to promote a healthy environment

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The first tool I ordered was a Unity Harmonizer. After about three weeks of wearing it, I found a discernable difference in my attitude towards others. I felt that I had noticeably more compassion and acceptance of the foibles of others. I realized that I was having forbearance and acceptance of those traits for which I usually had little patience and was bemused to recognize that I had at one time or currently also possess those very traits. Also I have noticed my intuitive abilities are amped way up beyond anything I’ve had before.
I just received my Sacred Cubit Mini Personal Harmonizer and in just a couple of days, I have noticed subtle changes in my mood and responses to situations without putting any intentional thought into it!! Before I even received the Harmonizer, I allowed myself time to acclimate with it into my aura and "pair" with it but---- already, I am sensing a wonderful uplifting change and I am just delighted!!
Marvin - Buffalo, NY
My client held the New Dimension Ring in his hand and on his wrist for 30 seconds to 1 minute. He immediately got goose bumps up and down his back and felt a great energy flow in his meridians. The tingling and flow effect lasted for a couple of hours. I "see" the energy as bubbles of iridescent light. I feel like I have a pile of shimmery bubbles building on my hand when I hold the ND (New Dimension) Ring. To me, the bubble effect means energy is "complete" and seems to carry a consciousness on where it is needed.
R.B., MN
vBecause of high sensitivity to energies, the earrings took some getting used to. Slight jaw tightness and tingling in the immediate area of the earrings are the norm for me and not at all an issue. Well worth the relief I’ve gotten from environmental issues
K.P., New York
My cat came home injured from a fight with another animal. Took the cat to the vet, got rabies, antibiotic shots and oral antibiotics. 8 days later still infected. Got more antibiotics- still infected and most of the fur fell off around the infected site. The wound /infected area was still ballooned about the size of a bottle cap. Stopped the meds. Put 1 tensor ring near the cats bed, 2 days later the wound was nearly healed, fur started growing back, swelling gone. Yahhh!!!
C.M, California