Lost Cubit Community (formerly known as Agricultural) Energy Harmonizers encourage plant growth without using additional pesticides. They are also recommended for use in clearing rivers, lakes, and large bodies of water. They have also shown to be very helpful easing emotional and mental issues. Additionally, they may help stimulate conversation and improve relationships.

These Harmonizers come with a Sacred 1 Cubit Heavy Tensor Ring and an Environmental Clearing CD. Place the Harmonizers in the Tensor Ring overnight, on occasion, to clear the energy. The Tensor Ring will also reduce the Harmonizers’ toroidal field to that of the Ring.

Lost Cubit Community Energy Harmonizers seem to produce an energy field that has an approximate 2 mile radius. When activated with an Environmental Clearing CD, that radius may increase to about 85 miles. This radius fluctuates based on where the Harmonizers are placed. Areas with higher pollution and less open space may have a decreased working radius.

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