The Storm Chaser was designed to meet the increasing threat of severe weather occurring on Planet Earth due to the rapidly increasing rate of global warming. It utilizes the same principles of Sacred Geometry measurements as the other Energy Harmonizers of the earlier design, and follows the rule that the larger sizes generate an exponentially larger field. We can only surmise at this time that the energy field of the Storm Chaser is somehow neutralizing both organic and inorganic chemical pollutants. Further testing needs to be done to confirm these results. This Harmonizer was originally designed for people who live on the coast where hurricanes wreak havoc on the environment. It appears to cause hurricanes to collapse, dramatically decreasing the danger from and damage caused by them.

This Energy Harmonizer has an approximate working radius of 400-800 miles when activated with the Environmental Clearing CD. These were Slim Spurling’s best estimates at the time he researched them. Ranges may vary because of increased electromagnetic fields and environmental pollution.

Click here to watch Katharina explain how to activate your Harmonizer.

After placing a Storm Chaser in Sarasota, Florida in 2005, Florida’s Red Tide (a toxic algae bloom), was noticed to abate in the area. We can only surmise that the Storm Chaser neutralizes organic and inorganic chemical pollutants. This is a theory we are continuing to research.

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