Community (formerly known as Agricultural) Energy Harmonizers are very similar to Environmental Energy Harmonizers. The biggest difference is that they have a much larger toroidal field. These Energy Harmonizers got their first name (Agricultural) from the original intention behind the Tool. Basically, Slim Spurling wanted a product that would help farmers reduce air pollution, help with crop growth, divert severe storms, and decrease the severity of tornadoes and hurricanes.

Community Harmonizers may help to cleanse and balance larger areas resulting in: crops that are more lush, vibrant, and nutritious and also animals who are healthier and stronger. All Community Energy Harmonizers come with a Sacred 1 Cubit Light-Life Heavy Tensor Ring and an Environmental Clearing CD. Click here to watch Katharina explain how to activate your Harmonizer.

Sacred Cubit

Sacred Cubit Community Harmonizers, 24K gold-plated, may help reduce and clear air pollution as well as divert tornadoes and hurricanes. Health practitioners also use these Harmonizers in their sessions: either on the client’s body or under the massage table.

The silver-plated Sacred Cubit Community Harmonizers have been found to help reduce the effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF), geopathic stress zones, and Hartmann grid lines. They may also assist in clearing earth’s energy.

Try holding your Harmonizer in your hands while you say an intention out loud. As a result, you may feel less negative energy and become surrounded with more harmony.

Lost Cubit

Lost Cubit Community Harmonizers encourage plant growth without using additional pesticides. They are also recommended for use in clearing rivers, lakes, and large bodies of water. In addition, they have shown to be very helpful in easing emotional and mental issues. Customers have also reported they may help stimulate conversation and improve relationships.

Empowerment Cubit

Empowerment Cubit Community Harmonizers have shown to have powerful effects on communities at large. This Harmonizer seems to help everything the Sacred and Lost Cubit Harmonizers are capable of, such as clearing the air, water, and soil. In addition, they seem to add a spiritual quality which works on all three realms: physical, emotional, and mental. Communities may be able to implement significant positive changes in their environments. People have reported more clarity in their lives. Also, issues that have not been addressed in the past are being reported as being resolved.

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