Moon Pendants are a combination of Sacred, Lost, and Empowerment Cubit Tensor Rings. Tensor Rings help increase the vibrational frequency of energy in and around your body. Combining the three Cubit measurements into a beautiful piece of functional art, allows your life-force or Chi energy to be greatly strengthened. Wearing these pendants appear to harmonize one’s personal bio-field contributing to improved overall health and well-being. 

The sterling silver Moon Pendants help your mind to quiet and allows you to feel with your heart. Wearing this Pendant is said to feel like a gentle awaking as it helps soften the negativity entering your energy field. The 24K gold plated Pendants help to open your heart chakra and cultivate self-love. Wearing this Pendant has been said to soften the fear found inside increasing self-confidence and self-esteem. The copper Moon Pendants help your body and mind find an extra boost of energy. Wearing this Pendant may activate the solar plexus helping to open your diaphragm, clear sinuses, and boost cardiovascular endurance.

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