Lotus Pendants are a smaller version of the Seed of Life. They are made from seven small Sacred Cubit Tensor Rings overlapping each other inside a larger Sacred or Lost Cubit Tensor Ring. This creates a design representing a lotus flower. These Pendants have been referred to as the “Soother of the Soul.” They are powerful in supporting energy healing and transformation on a profound level. They also help balance the chakras assisting your body to stay in alignment. 

Lotus Pendants come in four measurements: Sacred ½ Cubit, Lost ½ Cubit, Sacred ¼ Cubit, and Lost ¼ Cubit. The ¼ Cubit Pendants include a ¼ Cubit Ring. Wearing the Pendants so the Ring is away from the body helps protect against unwanted energies. Each of the Pendants are made from copper and are then plated in either eight or nine alternating layers of 24K gold and silver. 

The Sacred Cubit Lotus Pendants appear to raise a person’s core vibration. This enables the body to respond with a stronger healing energy. The Lost Cubit Lotus Pendants appear to be helpful with feelings of being ungrounded. It’s also helpful when having difficulty staying in one’s own energy. The gold plated is said to help harmonize a person’s DNA. The silver may be a good choice for a person who is sensitive around energy. 

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