Sacred Cubit Community (formerly known as Agricultural) Energy Harmonizers have a much larger toroidal field than Environmental Harmonizers. They may help cleanse and balance the energy of large areas. This results in: vibrant and nutritious crops, healthy and strong animals, and communities filled with harmony. The 24K gold plated Harmonizer may be used for air pollution clearing and for diverting tornadoes and hurricanes. Health practitioners also use it in their sessions, either on the client’s body or under the massage table. The silver-plated Harmonizer have been found to reduce the effects of Electromagnetic Fields and Hartmann lines. They may also assist in clearing earth energy.

These Harmonizers come with a Sacred 1 Cubit Heavy Tensor Ring and an Environmental Clearing CD. Place the Harmonizers in the Tensor Ring overnight, on occasion, to clear the energy. The Tensor Ring will also reduce the Harmonizers’ toroidal field to that of the Ring.

Sacred Cubit Community Energy Harmonizers have a working radius of about 1.5 miles. This radius increases to approximately 65 miles when activated with the Environmental Clearing CD. This radius fluctuates based on where the Harmonizers are placed. Areas with higher pollution and less open space may have a decreased working radius.

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