Applications for Light-Life Tools

Are you looking for simple applications on using Light-Life Tools to improve your health? Do you want to boost your existing wellness program? Does your life need more harmony? Is your environment a concern with all the air pollution, EMFs, and 5G technology? Or maybe you’re just surrounded by tension, stress, and negativity? 

Learn how you can help your home and workplace become a protected, balanced, and harmonized sanctuary. Light-Life Tools may be used to help manage discomfort, provide calmness, improve health, and so much more.

We’ve created this informative guide to help you use our products. Here is where you’ll find inspiration in supporting your endeavors to bring your health, your home, and your environment back into balance.

All of our Light-Life Tools can be used to nourish wholeness. Here, we break it down into easy-to-read categories for specific uses. Please also visit our YouTube Channel for additional information.

Designed to reduce stress, alleviate discomfort, and speed up the recovery process… the personal uses for Light-Life Tools are endless and may bring vitality into your life and improve health.

    • Placing any Sacred Cubit Tensor Ring on areas of discomfort seems to bring fast relief
    • To benefit from a good night’s rest, try holding an Acu-Vac Coil while falling asleep
    • If you have respiratory problems, seasonal allergies, or hay fever, the Nose Mask has been said to help improve breathing for many
    • To protect yourself and your children from electromagnetic fields (EMFs) coming off your cell phones, we recommend putting one of our Phone Ring Sets on your phone
    • To reduce the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs), activate a Sacred Cubit Environmental Energy Harmonizer, silver-plated, with the Environmental Clearing CD; many cases from Germany reported this Harmonizer eliminates the effects of the Hartmann Grid
    • Sitting in one of the Sacred 3 ½  Cubit or Lost 3 ½ Cubit Tensor Rings may help achieve a meditative state quicker
    • A clairvoyant reported feeling the energy from an Agricultural Energy Harmonizer cleanse her organs while holding the it in her hands; she suggested using a Harmonizer as a body cleanser and clearing tool
    • Sitting on a Sacred 1 Cubit Heavy Tensor Ring has a noticeable effect with fatigue when sitting for long periods of time; it may also help center and calm the mind
For Discomfort:
Our Lotus Pendants:
    • Lotus Pendant are made of several Tensor Rings and each one works a little differently
    • According to several of our gifted energy healers, may help reset the body’s DNA to its original blueprint; the Sacred Cubit seems to do the groundwork while the Lost Cubit does the fine tuning
    • They seem to help calm and quiet the internal cellular structure and allow the person to come into oneness when wearing one throughout the day
    • Each chakra may become more balanced when laying a Lotus Pendant on each of the different chakras for five seconds every morning before rising and every evening before going to sleep
    • The Sacred ½ Cubit Lotus Pendant, silver-plated, can help to amplify creative expression and give the wearer a sense of empowerment
    • The Lost ¼ Cubit Lotus Pendant helps open up ones heart and mind allowing the person to maintain a state of peacefulness
    • The Lotus Pendants and Seed of Life do have a direction and need to be cleansed by moving your hand north to south then east to west, NOT in a circular motion; they also pick up the energy of the person wearing it so make sure to cleanse the energy before someone else wears it
    • You can wear a Personal Energy Harmonizer together with a Lotus Pendant to enhance the vibration to greater volumes
    • It is important to remember that children can also greatly benefit from the Light-Life Tools in the areas of physical relief, decreased agitation, increased concentration, and much more.
    • Keep an Acu-Vac Coil handy for when your children hurt themselves; it has been helpful in quickly relieving discomfort
    • A teacher reported an autistic children placing a Sacred 1 Cubit Tensor Ring on their head when they started feeling agitated; it appeared to help them relax
    • That same Tensor Ring may help improve your childs concentration when doing homework or reading a book
    • To protect your children from electromagnetic fields (EMFs) coming off their cell phones, we recommend putting one of our Phone Ring Sets on their cell phones
    • Place a Sacred ½ Cubit Tensor Ring under their pillow at night to encourage falling sleep and getting a good night’s rest
    • Placing a Lost Cubit Environmental Energy Harmonizer in the home will help create harmony between family members as well as reduce the harmful effects on EMF

Household Use

The Light-Life Tools can keep household items such as food, water, and medication functioning at the highest beneficial level for you and your family. They can also help neutralize the negative effects of EMFs and 5G technology.

    • Energize and potentize your water by placing it in the center of any Light-Life Tensor Ring
    • To super-potentize water, hook a Feedback Loop and an Acu-Vac Coil on a Sacred 1 Cubit Tensor Ring; this helps achieve a detoxing effect
    • Place a Plain Jane Tensor Ring around faucets and shower heads to purify the water, help soap last longer, and leave skin feeling softer
    • Put plants inside any Light-Life Tensor Ring to help nourish and encourage growth; place flowers inside any Tensor Ring to energize and keep them looking fresh longer
    • Place a Sacred Cubit Plain Jane Tensor Ring around stove top burners to help energize food as it cooks
    • Place a larger Sacred Cubit Tensor Ring in the trunk of your car to help keep groceries fresh on the drive home from the store
    • If you have a smart meter on your house, put a Lost Cubit Plain Jane Tensor Ring around it to help reduce the negative affects from EMF
    • Place a Sacred 2 Cubit Tensor Ring on top of your refrigerator to help energize the contents of the freezer and fridge as well as keep your food more fresh
    • Use any of the Sacred Cubit Tensor Rings to store herbs, vitamin, and supplements within the middle to help keep the potency strengthened as well as energize them
    • Placing medication inside a Sacred Cubit Tensor Ring also helps increase beneficial actions and decrease side effect
    • Set your fruit bowl inside any Light-Life Tensor Ring on the counter helps keep the produce fresh longer

We encourage you to use your imagination and intuition on how to best use a Light-Life Tensor Ring around your home!

Workplace Use

Light-Life Tools offer many ways to enhance your energy, improve communication, encourage relationships, and help keep you healthy while you are on the job. Here are a few suggestions. Of course, we recommend you use your imagination and intuition on how to best use the Tools in the workforce for your needs.

    • When you work many hours on the computer, utilize one of the EMF Protection Kits to neutralize the harmful effects
    • Place a Lost Cubit Environmental Harmonizer on the table (or have it in your bag) during a meeting; it has been known to help participants maintain focus, handle tough subjects much more efficiently, and solve conflicts in less time
    • Wearing a Personal Harmonizer while listening to a person talk may help heighten comprehension of the speech
    • For individuals who work near synthetic and/or electrical material, the Sacred Cubit Lotus Pendant raises core vibration after about 30 days of constant wear which enables the body to respond with a stronger healing energy
    • Wear a Sacred ½ Cubit Tensor Ring around your wrist when on the computer to help lessen conditions of the arm and wrist
    • The Unity Personal Harmonizer may help strengthen your personal bio-field and protect against picking up negative energies from other people
    • Sitting on a Sacred 1 Cubit Heavy Tensor Ring may help reduce fatigue and increase mental clarity all day long

Travel Use

Increasing gas mileage and lessening the effects of jet lag are two of numerous examples regarding how the Light-Life Tools may make your trips more enjoyable. Please use your intuition and imagination on how to best use the Tools for your needs.

Use For Animals

Our pets are our family too. Using a Light-Life Tool on them may help their discomfort and stress while keeping them healthy and strong.

    • Place a Sacred Cubit Tensor Ring under their bed to support a restful sleep
    • Use a Light-Life Practitioner Set to potentize the drinking water of your pet so they receive the benefits of improved overall health and decrease of potential disease
    • Placing a Sacred Cubit Tensor Ring around a pet’s neck or placing one over any tender or sore areas may help diminish any upsets
    • Placing a Lost Cubit Heavy Tensor Ring under a senior dogs’ bed is an excellent way to ease their sleep and help alleviate discomfort
    • Slim Spurling super-sized a couple of the Tools to help an employee’s horse; a Large Lost Cubit Heavy Acu-Vac Coil and the Large Lost Cubit Heavy Feedback Loop seemed to help decrease discomfort and muscle soreness
    • A Sacred 3 ½ Cubit Heavy Tensor Ring was put on a horse with colic below the belly and on the back; it seemed to help provide relief
    • That same horse was having respiratory issues and the owner only had a Nose Mask; she held it over the horse’s nose, alternating nostrils until the breathing improved.
    • This is where the creation of the Head/Horse Mask came about; people also like to wear it on their head for headache relief or to balance brain hemispheres

How to Choose a Light-Life Tool