About Us

Light-Life Technology uses subtle energy fields derived from a combination of sacred geometry with quantum physics for unprecedented energy healing applications.

Energy healing is especially necessary in our modern world. Now, more than ever, people experience severe physical discomfort, chronic illness, and high stress levels, and are searching for holistic healing methods. The earth’s systems are very much out of balance, resulting in massive natural disasters and increased environmental pollution, leaving people looking for healing methods to restore balance and harmony for all.

Here’s how Light-Life Technology works”

Quantum physics has shown that ultimately everything is light. Light is energy and science has proven that all energy is interconnected. All life is in unity with (and vibrating at levels which reflect) a constant evolution toward higher levels of harmony and balance. In other words, given a low and high vibration, energy will always rise to the higher vibration, which is its true nature.

Earth energies can be positive or negative, beneficial or detrimental, in terms of their impact on the earth itself, and on those who live and work in close proximity to them. Unfortunately, in our modern world, negative energies abound due to many factors, including: the pollution of our air, water, and soil, and an increase in Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) to our environment. The earth is now largely shrouded in a negative energy grid, which has impacted the whole of humanity and life.

Researcher and inventor Slim Spurling created Light-Life Tools to support and speed up the natural healing processes by raising the vibration on a cellular level. This can be accomplished by the tensor field emitted by the Light-Life Tensor Rings, by using the Light-Life Acu-Vac Coils or Light-Life Feedback Loops to remove discomforts, or by activating any of the Light-Life Energy Harmonizers, which produce a cosmic light field that generates harmony and renewal. The results: healing and restored balance for humans, plants, animals, and the environment.

In short: all life and all energy are interconnected.

Understanding this concept underscores the power of how bringing harmony to just one area can also positively impact the whole of humanity and life. As an example: If we could effectively improve the quality of our soil, the plants we grow would return to their natural state – healthy and full of the beneficial nutrients that have been lost during hundreds of years of soil pollution. Produce would then become the equivalent of organic food, that you now have to buy in a health food store. We would all have the opportunity to benefit from the natural quality of the crops themselves, while avoiding the various health issues that come along with consuming unhealthy produce grown in depleted pesticide-ridden soil.

Light-Life Tools are manufactured using different ancient units of measurements called “cubits”. The Sacred Cubit length (20.6 inches) was the measurement used in the construction of the first Light-Life Tensor Ring. Another cubit length, the Lost Cubit, was discovered in 2000 by genius inventor and researcher, Hans Becker, who worked closely with Slim Spurling and continues to do research with the Light-Life Tools. He found that the resonant frequency of this particular measurement is a harmonic of the speed of light, which means it may be able to restructure energy at the DNA level. In 2011, after more research and evaluation, a new cubit length was added to the array of Light-Life Tools. This new cubit length, named the Empowerment Cubit, is used for the Light-Life Empowerment Tensor Ring, and also for other Light-Life Tools. It is considered to be the final link in the trinity of cubit measurements (Sacred, Lost, and Empowerment).

Light-Life Technology offers a simple, yet powerful and natural solution to so many of the problems that affect us and our Earth today!

“The Evolution”

Light-Life Tensor Rings initially evolved into several different tools with distinct designs through empirical and intuitive methods of discovery. These tools are the Acu-Vac Coil, the Feedback Loop, and the Energy Harmonizer. All of the Light-Life Tools are room temperature superconductors that produce positive subtle energy effects.

The tools are always expanding and adapting to changes on our planet and the Earth energies, which affect all of us individually. Some people are more sensitive to the Earth’s energy than others. For example: some people say they can feel the energy at a vortex, some even to the extent that they pick up earthquakes thousands of miles away; while others don’t seem to be affected by it at all.

Light-Life® Technology, a division of IX-EL, Inc., is the only authorized manufacturer of the Light-Life Tools in the world. They continue to develop new Tools with a variety of applications to help us cope with the changes that are happening on our planet.

Light-Life Technology may bring numerous benefits

“Health and Well-Being”

  • Reduce stress
  • Relive physical discomfort
  • Enhance self-healing
  • Protect from harmful effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs)
  • Energize water


  • Reduce pollution
  • Bring harmony to the home and community
  • Decrease harmful effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs)
  • Severe storm abatement


  • Improve soil quality
  • Produce healthier plants
  • Increase crop quality and yield
  • Encourage rain
  • Control pest without pesticides


The Energy Harmonizers appear to raise human consciousness by emitting a pulsing cosmic light field (or L-field) that has a positive harmonizing output. An individual’s own energies are set into motion too, continuing as long as one is in its presence! As a result, everyone and everything is affected in a positive way.

“The Future”

It was Slim’s Spurling‘s vision to heal the planet and bring renewed health and vitality to all living beings. Since Slim’s passing in 2007, his wife and business partner Katharina Spurling-Kaffl carries on that legacy. It is her mission and passion to do so with integrity and without compromise.

To that extent, she has continued to exclusively manufacture new Light-Life Tools under Light-Life Technology to adapt to the energy changes Mother Earth and her people are going through currently. IX-EL, Inc. hosts a variety of workshops each year that are open to all people interested in improving their health and in finding solutions for environmental issues. Please refer to our events page or sign up for our newsletter for more information. The Light-Life Tools are distributed all over the world and you can find the authorized list of distributors on our website.

Katharina Spurling-Kaffl formed a new research group of scientists and grassroots communities who are researching the effects of Light-Life Tools and their applications. We will continue to share new developments and testimonials in our blog.