Environmental Energy Harmonizers were created with the health of the environment in mind. They are said to restore harmony and balance to your surrounding environment.

These Harmonizers help crops flourish, plants grow lush, and birds thrive. They seem to clear away carbon monoxide and reduce the harmful effects of EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields). This is an amazing Light-Life Tool for anyone looking to improve the health and appearance of their lawn or garden. They’re also great for florists and greenhouses.

Environmental Energy Harmonizers may also encourage peace and harmony within a household or office. They may strengthen your personal bio-field and boost your immune system. These Harmonizers come in a variety of cubit measurements that have specific purposes:

  • Sacred Cubit is said to support physical issues
  • Lost Cubit appears to assist emotional and mental issues
  • Matrix is created from both Sacred and Lost Cubit measurements
  • Empowerment Cubit is reported to serve on the spiritual level
  • Synergy is a combination of all three cubit measurements

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