The Environmental Energy Harmonizer was created with the health of the environmental in mind.
It’s said to restore harmony and balance to your surrounding environment…and beyond.

Our Energy Harmonizers were originally built by passing one Light-Life Tensor Ring through another and discovering that a circular energy field was created. Depending on the size of your Energy Harmonizer, this can have a life force radius of up to 15 miles!

When used farm fields flourish, plants grow lush and birds thrive. It seems to clear away carbon monoxide and reduce the harmful effects of EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields). This is an amazing tool for anyone looking to improve the health and appearance of their lawn or garden. Great for florists and greenhouses!

We’ve also had reports that this can quell a bitter attitude. Have a loud or obnoxious neighbor? Before calling the police you might want to give the Environmental Energy Harmonizer a try! It comes in a variety of cubit measurements that have specific purposes:

Sacred Cubit- Physical
Lost Cubit – Emotional/Mental
Empowerment Cubit – Spiritual
Synergy – Combination of all three cubits

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