Light-Life Technology offers a variety of Tools for EMF designed to help neutralize the negative effects of a electromagnetic field (EMF) and 5G technology. In today’s world, we are surrounded by electronics and all of them emit harmful frequencies. The most common reported symptoms of exposure include: headaches, fatigue, ringing in the ears, heart flutters, and increased anxiety. Some people have also reports loss of memory, nerve issues, and sleep disturbance.

Tools for EMF work in harmony to protect you, your family, and co-workers against these harmful frequencies. They are especially important if you spend long amounts of time on the computer or around electronics.

Light-Life Tensor Rings may neutralize harmful EMF when placed over a computer, TV, smart meter, and any other electronic device. Light-Life Phone Rings come in a little leather pouch designed to stick on the back of your phone as protection against EMF and 5G. Silver plated Energy Harmonizers have been reported to help neutralize and block EMF. They may also be effective for use against geopathic stress zones and radiation.

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