Light-Life Tensor Rings seem limitless in the ways they can enhance your life.

Light-Life Tensor Rings can bring beneficial life-force energy to everything within their enclosure which may contribute to improving overall health and well-being. In your life, this means our Light-Life Tensor Rings may help speed up the healing process, combat fatigue, relieve allergy symptoms, help reduce discomfort and stress, enhance the flavor of your food, and potentize water (for drinking and watering plants).

You can also use the Light-Life Tensor Rings to help increase the vibrational frequency of energy in and around your body.

You also can use this technology to help reduce discomfort and stress, speed up the healing process, reduce the effects of harmful Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs), combat fatigue, enhance the flavor of food, and charge water for drinking and for watering plants.

In fact, the Light-Life Tensor Rings are reported to exhibit a profound effect on water. The light field emitted imparts a “livingness” to water which enhances your life force when consumed and is also used to nourish plants and animals. Plants flourish with fewer pests.

We recommend using your intuition for the best way to use our Light-Life Tensor Rings, so here are some common uses:

Wear a Tensor Ring around your wrist to combat discomfort from overuse

Place one under or around your water glass to charge and potentize your water

Place a Tensor Ring over your heart or any area where you’re experiencing injury or discomfort

Place one around your potted plants to help them recover and grow

Sit on a Tensor Ring during your workday or a long road trip to help reduce fatigue and remain focused

Place a Ring in the trunk of your car over your groceries on the way home from the store, to energize and help keep them fresh

Place a Ring over your fill pipe or outgoing water line to potentize your water

Place a Tensor Ring under your massage table or near the chair you use during sessions in order to help speed up the healing process.

Use a Tensor Ring in combination with an Acu-Vac Coil and a Feedback Loop by hooking them both onto the Ring to create super-potentized water

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