The Empowerment Cubit Environmental Energy Harmonizers have a spiritual and uplifting quality. They serve in the same areas as the Sacred Cubit and Lost Cubit, such as clearing the air, water, and soil. In addition, they may enhance positive intentions. Intuitive abilities may be increased. Connection to the source of light and life may be more direct.

This Harmonizer may be a good choice for people who are sensitive to different energies and feel dizzy, intolerant, and crabby. It’s also a good choice for people who don‘t feel good about themselves or their lives, especially when they are around a crowd of people in office buildings, schools, stores, hospitals, etc., where there are a lot of different energy. This Harmonizer seems to harmonize those different energies before they enter a person’s bio-field. Individuals may find that they are calmer. They are able to listen much better, process information better, and may even be recognized as someone who can handle any situation with confidence and ease and not be afraid of their responsibilities.

The 24K gold plated Harmonizer appears to work best on air pollution and diverting storms. The silver-plated Harmonizer may bring positivity to you and the people in your vicinity by bringing your surroundings into a state of harmony. It is also helpful in reducing the harmful effects of EMF. The New Dimension Harmonizer provides the best protection against 5G technology. It also helps promote connection to the source of healing, light, and life.

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