Pyramid Pendants may help to realign and harmonize your energetic matrix that runs throughout your entire energy field. This benefits you physically, mentally, and emotionally. These Pendants might bring about an increase of energy healing in the body They may also enhance self-awareness and the alignment of harmony on all levels. Pyramid Pendants seem to connect you to your true self. They appear to offer positive assistance throughout your life and spiritual journey. Wherever you go, these Pendants appear to raise your vibrations as well as those within your environment.

Pyramid Pendants are made up of 2 tetrahedrons combined by an Acu-Vac Coil. A tetrahedron is a four-sided pyramid made up of equilateral triangles. Triangles are considered the strongest shape because they have fixed angles that don’t distort easily.  The symbolism behind this design varies with the ideology, regardless of that, the triangle represents strength. Combining two pyramids makes a very stable structure that benefits one’s personal bio-field.

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