The Acupressure Tool, 24K Gold Plated is made of copper twisted wire plated with a layer of silver and then a layer of 24K gold. Slim Spurling designed it with the meridians in mind. If you are familiar with acupuncture, then you understand that there are meridians of energy that flow through the body. Therefore, acupuncture helps restore the body to balance and helps any blocked chi energy move through with ease. According to the inventor of Light-Life Tools, Slim Spurling, this Tool creates the flow of energy in both directions. His idea was that by placing the Acupressure Tool on the acupressure points, we can re-introduce the proper frequencies to the system, amplified by the Tool, thus re-establish the proper frequencies and deleting incorrect ones.

Try placing this Tool on acupressure points along meridians. The loop seems to concentrate life force energy. Slim’s best estimate was to place it for 2-5 seconds on the skin. The ball seems to create the flow/reactivation of life force energy. The acupressure Tool helps restore the flow of energy in your body and aura. Some of our customers have attested that they like wearing the tool as a pendant with the ball facing downward. They suggest this has a calming and grounding effect.

Our talented metal-smiths make Light-Life Tools here in Colorado. Each Tool is unique in its own way. The measurements are based on the principles of sacred geometry and quantum physics. In addition, most of our Tools are compact and can travel well, so everywhere you go, you can also bring their healing benefits.

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