Try placing this tool on acupressure points along meridians! Energy flow never had it so good. This tool has an energy flow in both directions! This tool is used to balance the acupressure points on the body. The loop seems to concentrate life force energy and it’s recommended to place it for 2-5 seconds on skin. The ball seems to create the flow/reactivation of life force energy.

According to Slim Spurling’s best estimate, by placing the Acupressure Tool on the acupressure points, the proper frequencies are re-introduced to the system, amplified by the tool, thus re-establishing the proper frequencies and deleting incorrect ones.

This tool is all about restoring balance and flow to your entire body! Some of our customers have attested that they like wearing the tool as a pendant with the ball facing downward. It’s said to help ground your energy.

We can’t wait to hear about how you’ve incorporated this tool into your daily practices!

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