Sacred Cubit Personal Energy Harmonizers seem to work more in the physical realm. They may help you feel grounded, empowered, and self-confident. Stress levels may be reduced and physical discomforts alleviated. In addition, personal energy fields may be protected from harmful influences.

Depending on the size of the Personal Energy Harmonizer, they can affect an area of between 5 and 20 feet around and through our bodies. These areas fluctuate based on the environment. Areas with higher pollution and less open space may have a decreased working radius.

As the Harmonizers energy travels through us, it follows the meridian channels working the life-force energy gently through the body from head to toe. It appears that personal bio-fields are strengthened and enhanced by the life force energy. Sacred Cubit Personal Energy Harmonizers come with a Sacred ½ Cubit Tensor Ring to clear the energy.


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