Lost Cubit Environmental Energy Harmonizers may be used to assist in clearing earth’s energy. They are also helpful in creating a more harmonious atmosphere. Plants seem to respond very well to this energy field. The fine structure of its holographic field appears to be in accord with the primal, natural field of the planet and to provide a constructive wave pattern.

We recommend the 24K gold plated Lost Cubit Environmental Energy Harmonizer for plant growth, for restoring soil and water. Farm fields and gardens flourish in its environment. Birds, useful insects, butterflies, and worms thrive and all life forms in the area seem to prosper as they receive its beneficial energy. The silver plated Lost Cubit Environmental Energy Harmonizer appears to create balance in an emotionally and mentally challenging environment. Interpersonal communication seems to flow better, and a general state of calm, clarity, and happiness may be noted.

A Sacred ½ Cubit Tensor Ring and a mini Environmental Clearing CD are included. Place the Harmonizers inside the Tensor Ring overnight, on occasion, to clear the energy. The Ring may also be used to reduce the Harmonizers energy field to the size of the Ring.

Lost Cubit Environmental Energy Harmonizers seem to produce an energy field that has an approximate 120-foot radius. When activated with an Environmental Clearing CD, that radius may increase to about 25 miles. These radiuses fluctuate based on where the Harmonizers are placed. Areas with higher pollution and less open space may have a decreased working radius.

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