All of our Environmental Energy Harmonizers seem to pull out harmful energy from the environment, transmute it into beneficial energy and then release it back out into the environment. These tools seem to help balance earth energy and create a harmonious atmosphere that allows all life forms to flourish and thrive. The Environmental Energy Harmonizers come with a 1/2 Sacred Cubit Light-Life Tensor Ring and a mini Environmental Clearing CD. The Sacred Cubit Light-Life Tensor Ring may be used to put over it to reduce its field to the size of the ring and also to recharge the Energy Harmonizer.

The Sacred Cubit Environmental Energy Harmonizer seems to produce an energy field that has an approximate 100-foot radius (and when activated with an Environmental Clearing CD that radius may increase to about 15 miles). It seems to reduce air pollution significantly. It can also be used in a session to help alleviate chronic issues.

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