We have found that our own personal bio-field is strengthened and enhanced by each of our Personal Energy Harmonizers’ life force. As the Harmonizers’ energy travels through us following the meridian channels, it work its way gently through the body from head to toe flowing down and up and then up and down; a polarity flow of body rhythms.

Personal Energy Harmonizers are used to help strengthen your energy field and boost the immune system. They can help you stay calm and balanced as well as create harmony for you and those around you. Personal Energy Harmonizers come as a standard sized Pendant or a mini Pendant. The full size is utilized for most applications. However, the mini can be just as effective when you need something a bit smaller.

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Sacred Cubit

The Sacred Cubit Personal Harmonizer seems to work more at the physical level. It may help you feel grounded, empowered, and self-confident. It appears to reduce stress and protect your energy field from harmful influences. It has been reported to help improve overall health and well-being, strengthen the immune system, and clear and balance chakras.

Lost Cubit

The Lost Cubit Personal Harmonizer seems to work more on the mental and emotional level, easing discomfort and reducing stress levels. It has been found to have an uplifting quality about it and may ease psychological issues. It has been reported to improve feelings of well-being by balancing mental and emotional issues, to give support during seasonal challenges, and help with creating harmony to you and the people around you.

Empowerment Cubit

The Empowerment Cubit Personal Harmonizer seems to work on the mental and spiritual level and connecting with higher consciousness. It appears to help you connect to the spiritual realm and protect you from picking up energies from other people. It has been reported to encourage opening of the mind, enhancing positive intentions, and strengthening your personal bio-field.


Unity Personal Harmonizers are a combination of the Sacred Cubit inside the Lost Cubit. Their energy field seems to significantly reduce the influences of electromagnetic fields and psychic energy forms. They also appear to increase intuitive abilities, patience, and consciousness.


Synergy Personal Harmonizers are a combination of all three cubit measurements: Sacred, Lost, and Empowerment. By combining all three cubits in the same orbit field, the energy works synergistically. These Harmonizers combine the attributes of each single cubit measurement and increases the effectiveness significantly.

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