Empowerment Cubit Personal Energy Harmonizer, Silver Plated

Our Empowerment Cubit Personal Energy Harmonizer measures about 1 ¼” H x 1 ¼” W and weighs about 3 oz. It comes on an adjustable satin cord and may help to:

  • Encourage the opening of the mind
  • Strengthen your personal bio-field
  • Positively affect you and the people around you

It’s a tool that you wear like jewelry but it seems to have an effect on your personal space. This Harmonizer comes with a Sacred ½ Cubit Tensor Ring that can be placed around it overnight on occasion to shut down its range of influence and/or to clear it.

Lacquering service is available for this item. Lacquering allows your jewelry to stay shiny and beautiful for much longer.


Empowerment Cubit Personal Energy Harmonizer, Silver Plated


This Empowerment Cubit Personal Energy Harmonizer, silver-plated, has the same basic properties that other Personal Harmonizers have. This Harmonizer may strengthen the bio-field. Remove negative energy from your physical body and aura. It may also encourage the opening of the mind. Moreover, this powerful Tool may help you not to pick up the energy of others, as well as positively affect people in your vicinity. Silver-plated Harmonizers have more subtle and feminine energy compared to gold-plated. They also seem to have an additional degree of protection from the harmful affects of EMF.

The Empowerment Cubit is the largest of our trinity of cubit measurements. It adds a spiritual component to this Harmonizer’s energy. Therefore, this Mini Harmonizer may reinforce the spiritual abilities and mental clarity of the wearer. Like all of our Personal Harmonizers, this one is designed to remove negative energy. It may also serve as an “energetic shield” from foreign frequencies around us. When you have this Energy Harmonizer with you – you can rest assured that you’ll feel calm and at ease throughout the day.

Being a functional jewelry piece, this Personal Harmonizer can be worn as a pendant or put in your pocket  Use the adjustable cord to place the Harmonizer against your different chakras to help clear and balance them.

To learn more about Personal Harmonizers, please read out blog.


The Empowerment Harmonizer is about 1 ¼” H x 1 ¼”.  It weighs about 3 oz. Our Harmonizers are a combination of a Light-Life Tensor Ring and an Acu-Vac Coil. This creates a 3-dimensional sphere resulting in a continuous flow of energy.

This Harmonizer’s base is copper. Nine alternating coatings of silver and 24K gold follow.  The subtle energy of this tool is continually in motion and the radius of the donut-shaped toroidal field it forms, may extend several feet around you.

Clearing the Energy

This Energy Harmonizer comes with a Sacred ½ Cubit Light-Life Tensor Ring. Therefore, please place the Harmonizer in the Tensor Ring overnight, on occasion, in order to clear the energy.

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Weight 0.25 lbs


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Additional information

Weight 0.25 lbs