This tool may help strengthen your personal bio-field! Our Empowerment Cubit Personal Energy Harmonizer, 24K gold plated is a unique combination of the Light-Life Tensor Rings soldered together with an Acu-Vac Coil in the center. The Empowerment Cubit is the largest of our trinity of cubit measurements and the one we’ve gotten the least feedback about. It went into production in 2012 and is about 10% larger than the Lost Cubit measurement.

The subtle energy of this tool is continually in motion and the radius of the donut-shaped toroidal field it forms extends out about 3 – 7 feet around you. This Harmonizer comes with a ½ Sacred Cubit Tensor Ring with 1 bead that can be placed around it overnight on occasion to shut down its range of influence and/or to clear it.

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Weight 0.25 lbs

Black, Pink, Yellow


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