Environmental Clearing Project Using the Light-Life Harmonizers, Colonie, NY

In March 2009, Virginia Houck attended a Geobiology Stress Reduction and Application of the Light-LifeTools Workshop in Colorado. After the workshop, she realized that clearing the air and environment with the assistance of the Light-Life Harmonizers had become a personal mission in her life. She became a Light-Life Tools Distributor, and bought 15 Environmental Harmonizers over a four-month period and started the Environmental Clearing Project in her city, Colonie, NY. Colonie is a city in Albany County, New York. It is Albany’s largest suburb.

Six months after the project began, Houck reported the following observations:

Changes in the environment

  • Less chemtrails seen in the atmosphere.
  • Air smelled fresher.
  • A previous issues of an overpopulation of moles in one area was no longer a problem.
  • Roses blooming and fruit trees bearing more fruit than ever before.
  • Rainiest summer on record here in the capital district.
  • Less grub destruction of lawns.
  • Bird sightings where they had not been seen before – even unique birds such as the Pileated Woodpecker and Rose-Breasted Grosbeak were seen.

Changes in the community and for individuals

  • The city of “Colonie” was ranked the 9th safest community in the U.S. and the City Supervisor attributed it to “Community Approach”.
  • Breakthroughs in communicating with neighbors who were previously unapproachable.
  • Need for sleep changed for many people to a shorter amount of time
  • Fatigue before the Harmonizers was prevalent, after, a high level of vitality was experienced.
  • Many experienced an increase in their income.
  • People able to make life-changing decisions quicker whereas in the past they felt uncertain, fearful and/or hesitant.
  • People were able to let go of a lot of “life clutter”.
  • People who were struggling with the “spiritual aspects” of Oneness are noticing they are letting go more.

The effects seen during this research project with the Light-Life Environmental Harmonizers were quite phenomenal. This research is ongoing and updates are forthcoming.